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Since I installed Sublime Text on my Chromebook yesterday, I might as well give it a trial run.

Package Control

On Windows, I’m used to package control being installed and ready for action by default. On the Chromebook, I had to install package control through the console, similar to how it used to be on both Windows and Mac OS. It’s not a big deal. Been there, done that.

Installing a package: MarkdownLivePreview

After getting package control installed, I installed the MarkdownLivePreview package. I want to write more on the platform, and it’s powered by Markdown. The package lets me see a live preview (oh, as if you couldn’t figure it out from the package name) of what I’m writing.

Running the package

MarkdownLivePreview works against a saved file, and you enable it with the alt+M shortcut. The shortcut worked just fine on my Chromebook.

The package uses Sublime Text’s multiple panes feature; it splits the main window into multiple sections that can contain different tabs. It’s good for when you’re comparing text or working in multiple files at the same time. Or, in this case, where it shows the editor and preview side by side. Even on this small screen that’s what, 11-12 inches, it doesn’t feel too cramped.

There is some flickering on the preview side as I type, it looks like the preview shows twice before only showing the one preview. My guess is that it’s got something to do with rendering the preview. I don’t know if it’ll also happen on other platforms, I’ll try running the package on my home PC. That should tell me if the flickering is a platform issue or just how the package works. Either way, it’s not a big deal as my focus is on the editor side of the window as I type.

Verdict: Not bad at all

After using Sublime Text to write this entry, it doesn’t feel bad. A few times there’s been a short delay in relation to the package control, but that could have to do with running the program for the first time. Sublime Text feels as responsive as I remember it being on Windows and feel I’ll use it a lot more on the Chromebook in the future.

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I love my Chromebook. It’s light, I love its screen, I can use it as a (somewhat thick) tablet, and whenever I believe it can’t become any better, I keep being surprised. At first, it got support for Android apps. And lately I’ve wanted to get a new laptop so I can do coding away from my PC, but I just found out that Linux app support is being added to Chrome OS. The feature is in beta right now.

Enabling Linux support was wonky, but I got it done in the end. And now I’ve installed Visual Studio Code and one of my favorite applications, Sublime Text. I don’t know how much I’ll end up using either of them on the Chromebook, but the potential exists!

#Android #Chromebook #Linux 

Tonight has been like taking a trip down memory lane, kinda. I've wanted to re-watch the two Young Guns films from 1988 and 1990. I've not seen either of them for at least 20 years, and boy does it make me feel ancient to think about how old they are!

Sometimes when you watch things you used to enjoy many years ago, it can be quite a cringe-fest. More often than not, your memory of something ends up being way better than the actual thing itself. Not so in this case. I didn't remember much of the plot at all so it was like seeing the film for the first time again. And it still holds up! I can't wait to see the sequel tomorrow, I hope that the experience with that one will be similar.

As with many things these days, newer doesn't have to mean better. Just look at all the bad remakes and reboots of movies and TV series.

Today was my first day back at work after a month of vacation. I thought I would feel more anxiety leading up to today, but it didn't happen this time.

Mondays are when we have company meetings. I get nothing out of those that I can't read in a quick summary. The managers seem to enjoy holding meetings. Our 9 am meeting got pushed to 11 am, no reason given. By 11, the CEO calls to tell us to talk amongst each other for ten minutes until he got there. After fifteen minutes we start the meeting without him. Because fuck waiting longer. After another 25 minutes, when he shows up, he spends another couple of minutes getting himself a cup of coffee instead of coming straight to the meeting. This is something he does often, shows up late and decides that getting a cup of coffee is more important than wasting the time of everyone else attending the meeting. But I digress.

After the weekly meeting, the sales manager calls an emergency meeting about an event we're hosting late this fall. Fine, shit happens. Once everyone attending got to the conference room, the sales manager tells us we'd need some papers she gave us before vacation. Why didn't you mention this when you call the meeting in the first place?! Whatever. We return to the meeting, papers in hand, then have to wait while two managers talk about something unrelated to the supposed emergency for a few minutes. This gets my blood boiling, don't waste my time like this!

Five people attended a 20-minute meeting, that's 100 company minutes wasted for something you can literally summarize as two short sentences in only 30 seconds. And we didn't really need the papers. 

Last summer, during my vacation, my right calf started aching and my right foot swelled up. It wasn’t the first time my right foot had swelled up, but the ache was new. After about a week I finally decided to go to the ER and it turned out to be a thrombus (blood clot). I'm thankful it wasn't the deep vein kind (DVT). The doctor put me on blood thinners (Eliquis) for a couple of months and the clot went away on its own. Don’t ask me how or why because it all seems like magic to me. Science works, bitches!

Nowadays both my legs and feet swell up to varying degrees if I spend too much time sitting. This tends to happen most weekends when I’m usually gaming for hours on end. I guess it’s because of poor circulation in my legs. At least while I’m at work I get up every so often to stretch my legs and fill up my water bottle. When I'm at home, gaming, I often forget to hydrate.

Walking helps, so that’s what I decided to do yesterday. Getting ready for the walk was a bit of a chore because it took me almost five minutes to put on compression socks. Yes, I too was a bit skeptical about those at first but they do help keep the swelling down and I’m glad I bought them. And then I still had to squeeze my feet into my shoes. That was interesting as my left foot could hardly fit.

When I woke up this morning my feet were almost back to normal, but the ankles and calves are still a bit distended. The walk home from work should take care of that problem. I hope.

Having more detailed data to track visitors and referrals can be quite useful to site owners. When I switched to this platform I wanted it to support Google Analytics, but I've since changed my mind. The irony is that Matt has now added support for custom javascript, so it would be possible.

Recent news of data harvesting on a grand scale has reignited privacy discussions. That's a good thing. Considering how often personal information is tracked, leaked and abused, I want no part of it. But how do you opt out when almost everything online tracks you? At least I don't have to add to it. For now, I choose not to use Google Analytics on my site. I may look into using something less intrusive, like Matomo, in the future.

From a personal view, I know that there's some sense of freedom in not caring so much how or where people find my site. They might find their way here, or they might not, I should write for the sake of writing. Of expressing myself. At the same time, the thought of not being able to at least track referrals freaks me out a bit. I guess it's a control thing.


So here we are again. Another year has gone by and nothing much has changed. At least on the blog. In real life though? Well, that's pretty much the same as well. Damn!

Guess what! I changed blogging platform. Again. It's a paid platform, but it doesn't charge an arm, a leg, two kidneys and half of your liver for the service. It's actually quite affordable, and I get to play around with Markdown, which I do like for the simplicity.

I literally just ditched the self-hosted WordPress for, as this hosted platform is called. If you're looking to blog, or write online, check it out. They've got free blogging, paid blogging, anonymous blogging. And Matt, the guy behind it, is pretty damn responsive to feedback!

Mind you, there wasn't anything wrong with WordPress, I just couldn't be bothered with maintaining it. Or updating it. Or the plugins. Or the themes.

At first I was excited to start playing with as a platform but I'm not going to lie, once I started to manually move posts from the old blog to the new one I quickly started seeing limitations in Markdown.

There's no way to embed YouTube videos in Markdown. There's no way to embed Bandcamp media as I previously had, in WordPress. Fair enough, I could just link to the things I had previously embedded. No big deal. Or I could just break out the advanced html mode and embed things that way. Actually, there's nothing advanced about it. There's not even a thing called html mode. The platform just supports it. Awesome!

I've not moved all the posts from the old blog. There were a few gaming related posts that were very Twitch clip centric that I left out because I couldn't embed them at first. And now that I probably could, I honestly don't know if I could be bothered. Games I played four years ago are pretty much old news so meh.

Oh hey, look, this turned out to be a decent blog post after all. Go figure!

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Today I'm having a sort of self-inflicted anxiety overload. The more I think, the more worked up I get about not being able to produce anything of value. Maybe that's how it usually works? I'm new at this so please excuse me if I'm doing it wrong.

For as long as I can remember I've struggled creatively. Back when I first started making websites for myself, oh, 23 years ago now, I'd usually end up with a basic design and functionality but hardly ever any content. I just never felt I had anything interesting to share about myself. Or about anything, really.

Fast forward to present day and I'm desperately trying to find a creative outlet for myself. I'm exhausted of being the ever quiet and bottled up introvert.

Not long ago I tried out 750 words, but I really struggled with it. Literally every day I'd end up just filling my posts with stupid things like “...and now I've run out of things to write so I'm just going to write about writing because I'm so bad at this...” and similar fluff.

Am I void of any kind of imagination? Is that what's going on?

I recently realized that it's been almost two years since I gave away an album I love, Austin Wintory's Journey soundtrack, to random people on Twitter. I thought it'd be fun to do that again under the hashtag #GiftedMusic on Twitter! At the same time I figure it'll keep me at least somewhat active here on the ol' blog.

With #GiftedMusic I'll try to do monthly giveaways of albums I love listening to. And I've already picked out the first three albums I want to gift in the upcoming months. Like last time, the only thing you'll have to do for this #GiftedMusic is to ask for one of the copies. When I confirm that you're getting a copy you'll need to message me your email address so I can gift you through Bandcamp.

Mister Mudd, here seen performing live

This month I'm giving away ten copies of the album “At the End of a Century” by Mister Mudd. He's one of the amazing artists I had the chance to meet up with during my recent trip to Los Angeles. Mister Mudd is a Los Angeles based folk singer who performs warm earthy tones with rough raw vocal accompaniments.

I plan to do the #GiftedMusic giveaway on Wednesday, April 26th, but you can preview the album in the player below. If you like what you hear, I hope you'll consider supporting this artist as he's working on his next album. Every little bit helps.

If you wish to follow Mister Mudd, you can find him on the following platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Bandcamp, YouTube and SoundCloud.

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I'd set my alarm to wake up a few minutes before 4 a.m. today as there was a hockey game I wanted to watch. Ophy has gotten me hooked on following the Anaheim Ducks. Unfortunately for me, the games always start at bullshit o'clock.

When I woke up, it way past 4 a.m. More like 4:40 or so, and I had missed the entire first period. No sweat, I figured I could watch the second and third at least. But I fell back asleep while waiting for the second period to start again.  I woke up a few times during the rest of the game, usually to see the score and doze back off again.

From what I hear it was a good and exciting game, where the Ducks made a fantastic comeback from 4-1. I remember the Ducks scoring the 4-4 goal mere seconds before the third period ended, finally winning not long into overtime. And then I woke up again. Sure, the score was 4-4, but there were almost two minutes left in the third period. But wait, they'd already won hadn't they?

In hindsight, I guess that you have to unlock a safe to score in a hockey game should've been a big clue that I was dreaming. But dream logic isn't always very logical.

Anyway, the Ducks really did fight their way back from 4-1 to 4-4, and then won like 90 seconds into overtime. Go Ducks!

I don't remember many of my dreams, and I haven't for a long time. Say, 20ish years give or take. It's a long story, and maybe I'll write about it at some point. The fact that I remember as much as I do from this one, and that the dream hasn't faded from memory more than five hours later has me a bit curious.

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