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Having more detailed data to track visitors and referrals can be quite useful to site owners. When I switched to this platform I wanted it to support Google Analytics, but I've since changed my mind. The irony is that Matt has now added support for custom javascript, so it would be possible.

Recent news of data harvesting on a grand scale has reignited privacy discussions. That's a good thing. Considering how often personal information is tracked, leaked and abused, I want no part of it. But how do you opt out when almost everything online tracks you? At least I don't have to add to it. For now, I choose not to use Google Analytics on my site. I may look into using something less intrusive, like Matomo, in the future.

From a personal view, I know that there's some sense of freedom in not caring so much how or where people find my site. They might find their way here, or they might not, I should write for the sake of writing. Of expressing myself. At the same time, the thought of not being able to at least track referrals freaks me out a bit. I guess it's a control thing.


So here we are again. Another year has gone by and nothing much has changed. At least on the blog. In real life though? Well, that's pretty much the same as well. Damn!

Guess what! I changed blogging platform. Again. It's a paid platform, but it doesn't charge an arm, a leg, two kidneys and half of your liver for the service. It's actually quite affordable, and I get to play around with Markdown, which I do like for the simplicity.

I literally just ditched the self-hosted WordPress for, as this hosted platform is called. If you're looking to blog, or write online, check it out. They've got free blogging, paid blogging, anonymous blogging. And Matt, the guy behind it, is pretty damn responsive to feedback!

Mind you, there wasn't anything wrong with WordPress, I just couldn't be bothered with maintaining it. Or updating it. Or the plugins. Or the themes.

At first I was excited to start playing with as a platform but I'm not going to lie, once I started to manually move posts from the old blog to the new one I quickly started seeing limitations in Markdown.

There's no way to embed YouTube videos in Markdown. There's no way to embed Bandcamp media as I previously had, in WordPress. Fair enough, I could just link to the things I had previously embedded. No big deal. Or I could just break out the advanced html mode and embed things that way. Actually, there's nothing advanced about it. There's not even a thing called html mode. The platform just supports it. Awesome!

I've not moved all the posts from the old blog. There were a few gaming related posts that were very Twitch clip centric that I left out because I couldn't embed them at first. And now that I probably could, I honestly don't know if I could be bothered. Games I played four years ago are pretty much old news so meh.

Oh hey, look, this turned out to be a decent blog post after all. Go figure!

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Today I'm having a sort of self-inflicted anxiety overload. The more I think, the more worked up I get about not being able to produce anything of value. Maybe that's how it usually works? I'm new at this so please excuse me if I'm doing it wrong.

For as long as I can remember I've struggled creatively. Back when I first started making websites for myself, oh, 23 years ago now, I'd usually end up with a basic design and functionality but hardly ever any content. I just never felt I had anything interesting to share about myself. Or about anything, really.

Fast forward to present day and I'm desperately trying to find a creative outlet for myself. I'm exhausted of being the ever quiet and bottled up introvert.

Not long ago I tried out 750 words, but I really struggled with it. Literally every day I'd end up just filling my posts with stupid things like “...and now I've run out of things to write so I'm just going to write about writing because I'm so bad at this...” and similar fluff.

Am I void of any kind of imagination? Is that what's going on?

I recently realized that it's been almost two years since I gave away an album I love, Austin Wintory's Journey soundtrack, to random people on Twitter. I thought it'd be fun to do that again under the hashtag #GiftedMusic on Twitter! At the same time I figure it'll keep me at least somewhat active here on the ol' blog.

With #GiftedMusic I'll try to do monthly giveaways of albums I love listening to. And I've already picked out the first three albums I want to gift in the upcoming months. Like last time, the only thing you'll have to do for this #GiftedMusic is to ask for one of the copies. When I confirm that you're getting a copy you'll need to message me your email address so I can gift you through Bandcamp.

Mister Mudd, here seen performing live

This month I'm giving away ten copies of the album “At the End of a Century” by Mister Mudd. He's one of the amazing artists I had the chance to meet up with during my recent trip to Los Angeles. Mister Mudd is a Los Angeles based folk singer who performs warm earthy tones with rough raw vocal accompaniments.

I plan to do the #GiftedMusic giveaway on Wednesday, April 26th, but you can preview the album in the player below. If you like what you hear, I hope you'll consider supporting this artist as he's working on his next album. Every little bit helps.

If you wish to follow Mister Mudd, you can find him on the following platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Bandcamp, YouTube and SoundCloud.

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I'd set my alarm to wake up a few minutes before 4 a.m. today as there was a hockey game I wanted to watch. Ophy has gotten me hooked on following the Anaheim Ducks. Unfortunately for me, the games always start at bullshit o'clock.

When I woke up, it way past 4 a.m. More like 4:40 or so, and I had missed the entire first period. No sweat, I figured I could watch the second and third at least. But I fell back asleep while waiting for the second period to start again.  I woke up a few times during the rest of the game, usually to see the score and doze back off again.

From what I hear it was a good and exciting game, where the Ducks made a fantastic comeback from 4-1. I remember the Ducks scoring the 4-4 goal mere seconds before the third period ended, finally winning not long into overtime. And then I woke up again. Sure, the score was 4-4, but there were almost two minutes left in the third period. But wait, they'd already won hadn't they?

In hindsight, I guess that you have to unlock a safe to score in a hockey game should've been a big clue that I was dreaming. But dream logic isn't always very logical.

Anyway, the Ducks really did fight their way back from 4-1 to 4-4, and then won like 90 seconds into overtime. Go Ducks!

I don't remember many of my dreams, and I haven't for a long time. Say, 20ish years give or take. It's a long story, and maybe I'll write about it at some point. The fact that I remember as much as I do from this one, and that the dream hasn't faded from memory more than five hours later has me a bit curious.

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Earlier this month I wrote about my Acer R11 Chromebook. In the entry I mention a bug that causes a crash when I alt-tabbing while in an Android app.

After weeks of making myself click outside the app window instead of alt-tabbing, I just messed up. I accidentally alt-tabbed while in the Steam app, and... NO CRASH! If they fixed this it's huge (that's what she said?), so I had to try it from another app. STILL NO CRASH!

I did update the Chromebook yesterday, after getting an update notification for Chrome OS. I guess already knew about that bug, after all. ;)

As I said, this is huge for me. This is seriously the only negative thing I've found about the Chromebook after almost a month of daily usage. Heck, I've hardly even had the MacBook Pro running.

The Acer R11 is one of three Chromebooks with Android app support right now. Here's the kicker. As I've understood it, there's two different types or models of the Acer R11. I only found this out after I'd already placed my order. Naturally I got the “wrong” one – it's just a fluke that I can use the Android apps on mine!

I know, I know. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth, and all that stuff. Just smile and wave, boys! Smile and wave.

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I came across some old content from a few years ago, and was wondering if I should add it to this blog or not. On the one hand it's ancient history. On the other hand, it kind of does adds to my “backstory”.

The content is from back when I used Tumblr as a platform. And Tumblr actually isn't a bad alternative if I want to go the hosted route again. It was pretty intuitive and easy to use, and I think the mobile app was pretty good as well.

Anyway, I've manually imported some of the old posts, and may decide to add some more thought he ones that remain are mostly gaming related. We'll see how much ends up here.

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I got myself a Chromebook, an Acer R11, on Black Friday. It may have been an impulsive “Oooh, shiny! I don't have one of those!” kind of purchase. Don't judge. I still like my trusty old MacBook Pro, but it's six years old. It's hardly going to get any youn...err... faster. Besides, the MacBook weighs a ton, at least compared to the Chromebook.

I want to see if the Chromebook's limitations can work to my advantage, to help me focus better. There's a ton of potential distractions whenever I use the PC or MacBook, and hey, so far it seems to be working. I'm writing! Now let's see if I can keep at it.

After some research, I decided on the Acer R11, it's a white one. Don't know how to feel about owning a white laptop. I didn't exactly have a choice, this R11 model (yes, there's more than one R11 model) only seems to come in white. It's got a touchscreen, which is nifty. And 360-degree hinges, but don't quote me on the name, that let me flip the screen all the way around so it can double as a tablet. A pretty thick tablet. With a keyboard on the bottom. I know, it's weird for me also.

The Chromebook boots in like 3 seconds, which is AMAZING. That means I can shut it off each time I'm on the move, I figure shutting it off will save more battery power than putting it in sleep mode does. Right? Right. OH, and it's QUIET! Not that I've noticed much at home. But that's a story for another day.

Acer R11 is one of the first Chromebooks that can install Android apps at the moment, so that's a plus. The first app I installed was Instagram, and I don't have to type messages on the phone anymore. BWAHAHAHA! Ahem. I couldn't figure out how to get SwiftKey working, though.

I have noticed something that may be a bug. Whenever I'm in an Android app and alt-tab, the whole Chromebook restarts. Hey, there's another perk to the machine being super fast at starting up! Even alt-tabbing from the Google Play Store (it'll always be the “Android Market” to me!) causes a crash. I should see if there's a bug report about it, and if not, maybe file one.

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I logged in to check for the date when my Squarespace subscription period ends. I've got little over a month to decide what I want to do, so why not write a little.

I've hardly used the Squarespace platform this past year. Should I switch platform again, this time to something cheaper (or free)? Checking the pricing for Ghost surprised me, it costs almost twice as much as my Squarespace subscription! So I can either stick with what I have here or go back to something self-hosted. Hosted Wordpress doesn't interest me at all, as it looks way too limited.

Looking at self-hosted alternatives, I guess Wordpress would be the simplest. I've got years of experience with it after all. An alternative could be to try to host Ghost myself. I'm tempted to do that either way. Learning is fun, and I wouldn't mind taking a quick peek under the hood of Ghost. See what makes it tick.

I should do a little research on what other blogging platforms exist these days. But let's face it, I'm lazy. I probably won't. At least I'm honest about it.

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I've spent some time thinking about whether to keep the blog public and keep writing whatever comes to mind or if I should make it private, for my eyes only.

There's a certain kind of freedom that comes from just posting and not caring who my posts. On the other hand, there are assholes everywhere, and it's not exactly hard to find information about me, seeing as how I mostly go by Konc online. So do I potentially want to share my thoughts with such people?

I'm going to keep things public, for now. Let's call it a step in the process of learning not to care as much what others think of me. We shouldn't measure our value by how others see us, right? Oh, but the struggle is real.