My thoughts on the price increase of Twitch subscriptions

Yesterday I noticed some Twitter chatter about the price of Twitch subscriptions having changed. After reading comments aimed towards @Twitch and @xsolla, this is what I’ve understood. EU subscribers now have to pay VAT + a transaction fee for each subscription transaction. Each new subscription will now cost 26 percent more each month. Some comments claim that until now Twitch paid the VAT part of subscriptions, but I don’t know how true that is.

There’s a Reddit thread about it in /r/Twitch, and I figured I’d post my comment to that thread here as well.

I haven’t had much time to read the comments in this thread. If I’m just rehashing what other people have already said, I apologize.

Here are my thoughts.

I don’t mind paying a little bit more to support the streamers I enjoy interacting with on a daily basis. With that said, I find the lack of information from Twitch on this matter rather questionable. A heads up would have been nice.

Maybe Twitch needed to inform users about the price increase for a lot of their users, and maybe they didn’t. I’ve seen people argue back and forth about it, and I don’t care either way. I believe that it is good form to do so, especially when they raise the price by 26 percent.

I’m still waiting to hear if this new fee applies to only new subscriptions. If the price changes for all active subscriptions as well I will have to give this some more thought.

For now I’m opting to donate $5 to the streamers in question instead of subscribing anew. I do this knowing that I’ll miss out on a lot of cool emotes, subscriber-only giveaways etc. Then again, those things aren’t why I’ve chosen to subscribe to a streamer in the first place.

The way I see it, by donating $5 each month the people I choose to support ought to get a bigger cut out of my generosity. as the fee PayPal takes from a $5 donation is smaller than what Twitch takes from a month’s subscription. Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong here.

On the flip side, I do know that the number of subscribers helps streamers when it comes to channel growth. More subscribers mean more emotes etc. Sorry about that.

If the streamers I enjoy were to set up recurring payments on PayPal, I’ll choose that route instead.