A post of firsts and what-ifs

As of right now I only have one work day left before I go on vacation again, and come Monday I fly out to Ottawa to be with my girl. It will be a trip of firsts; my first time in Canada, first time I visit her, meeting her friends for the first time. And then there's my first poutine. Maybe I'll see my first NHL game live and so on. Needless to say I'm very excited about most of these things and quite nervous regarding a few.

At the same I can feel my demons filling my head with uncertainty. What if she changes her mind, or she doesn't want you to come. What if ten days is too long. What if she figures out she doesn't like you. What if her friends hate you? What if you're there a couple of days and things just don't work out?

When the thoughts get overwhelming, I sometimes need to remind myself just to breathe. Thank you for that, Ze Frank!