Another year, another platform

So here we are again. Another year has gone by and nothing much has changed. At least on the blog. In real life though? Well, that's pretty much the same as well. Damn!

Guess what! I changed blogging platform. Again. It's a paid platform, but it doesn't charge an arm, a leg, two kidneys and half of your liver for the service. It's actually quite affordable, and I get to play around with Markdown, which I do like for the simplicity.

I literally just ditched the self-hosted WordPress for, as this hosted platform is called. If you're looking to blog, or write online, check it out. They've got free blogging, paid blogging, anonymous blogging. And Matt, the guy behind it, is pretty damn responsive to feedback!

Mind you, there wasn't anything wrong with WordPress, I just couldn't be bothered with maintaining it. Or updating it. Or the plugins. Or the themes.

At first I was excited to start playing with as a platform but I'm not going to lie, once I started to manually move posts from the old blog to the new one I quickly started seeing limitations in Markdown.

There's no way to embed YouTube videos in Markdown. There's no way to embed Bandcamp media as I previously had, in WordPress. Fair enough, I could just link to the things I had previously embedded. No big deal. Or I could just break out the advanced html mode and embed things that way. Actually, there's nothing advanced about it. There's not even a thing called html mode. The platform just supports it. Awesome!

I've not moved all the posts from the old blog. There were a few gaming related posts that were very Twitch clip centric that I left out because I couldn't embed them at first. And now that I probably could, I honestly don't know if I could be bothered. Games I played four years ago are pretty much old news so meh.

Oh hey, look, this turned out to be a decent blog post after all. Go figure!

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