Anxiety overload

Today I'm having a sort of self-inflicted anxiety overload. The more I think, the more worked up I get about not being able to produce anything of value. Maybe that's how it usually works? I'm new at this so please excuse me if I'm doing it wrong.

For as long as I can remember I've struggled creatively. Back when I first started making websites for myself, oh, 23 years ago now, I'd usually end up with a basic design and functionality but hardly ever any content. I just never felt I had anything interesting to share about myself. Or about anything, really.

Fast forward to present day and I'm desperately trying to find a creative outlet for myself. I'm exhausted of being the ever quiet and bottled up introvert.

Not long ago I tried out 750 words, but I really struggled with it. Literally every day I'd end up just filling my posts with stupid things like “...and now I've run out of things to write so I'm just going to write about writing because I'm so bad at this...” and similar fluff.

Am I void of any kind of imagination? Is that what's going on?