Mister Mudd, a.k.a. El Conejo

Mister Mudd, here seen performing live

Mister Mudd is an amazing Los Angeles based artist, a singer with a raw vocal sound accompanied by sweet guitar playing. I think he mainly classifies his music folk music.

I first learned of this guy on a live streaming website focused primarily on musical artists. We shan’t mention the site by name because it’s godawful these days (thanks, management, you suck!), back in its early days it had a lot of top notch artists performing each day. But I digress.

In addition to his music, Mister Mudd sports a charming and somewhat goofy personality that seems to be fueled by bad puns. You know the kind, the bad ones that you can’t help but laugh at because they’re also sort of good.

He has a dog named Grandpaw, which caused a bit of confusion when I first heard him telling me how Grandpaw fell asleep on his shoulder the day before and I thought “Man, this guy seems to have a great relationship with his old grandfather”. Yeah, so uh… it’s not my fault, if he’d written it I would’ve figured it out sooner!

Mister Mudd and Li’l Thug make up the band The Perfect Pear. The name is perfect because the two make one of the sweetest pairs I’ve ever seen.