Hell is a never-ending series of work meetings

Today was my first day back at work after a month of vacation. I thought I would feel more anxiety leading up to today, but it didn't happen this time.

Mondays are when we have company meetings. I get nothing out of those that I can't read in a quick summary. The managers seem to enjoy holding meetings. Our 9 am meeting got pushed to 11 am, no reason given. By 11, the CEO calls to tell us to talk amongst each other for ten minutes until he got there. After fifteen minutes we start the meeting without him. Because fuck waiting longer. After another 25 minutes, when he shows up, he spends another couple of minutes getting himself a cup of coffee instead of coming straight to the meeting. This is something he does often, shows up late and decides that getting a cup of coffee is more important than wasting the time of everyone else attending the meeting. But I digress.

After the weekly meeting, the sales manager calls an emergency meeting about an event we're hosting late this fall. Fine, shit happens. Once everyone attending got to the conference room, the sales manager tells us we'd need some papers she gave us before vacation. Why didn't you mention this when you call the meeting in the first place?! Whatever. We return to the meeting, papers in hand, then have to wait while two managers talk about something unrelated to the supposed emergency for a few minutes. This gets my blood boiling, don't waste my time like this!

Five people attended a 20-minute meeting, that's 100 company minutes wasted for something you can literally summarize as two short sentences in only 30 seconds. And we didn't really need the papers.