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Earlier this month I wrote about my Acer R11 Chromebook. In the entry I mention a bug that causes a crash when I alt-tabbing while in an Android app.

After weeks of making myself click outside the app window instead of alt-tabbing, I just messed up. I accidentally alt-tabbed while in the Steam app, and... NO CRASH! If they fixed this it's huge (that's what she said?), so I had to try it from another app. STILL NO CRASH!

I did update the Chromebook yesterday, after getting an update notification for Chrome OS. I guess already knew about that bug, after all. ;)

As I said, this is huge for me. This is seriously the only negative thing I've found about the Chromebook after almost a month of daily usage. Heck, I've hardly even had the MacBook Pro running.

The Acer R11 is one of three Chromebooks with Android app support right now. Here's the kicker. As I've understood it, there's two different types or models of the Acer R11. I only found this out after I'd already placed my order. Naturally I got the “wrong” one – it's just a fluke that I can use the Android apps on mine!

I know, I know. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth, and all that stuff. Just smile and wave, boys! Smile and wave.

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I came across some old content from a few years ago, and was wondering if I should add it to this blog or not. On the one hand it's ancient history. On the other hand, it kind of does adds to my “backstory”.

The content is from back when I used Tumblr as a platform. And Tumblr actually isn't a bad alternative if I want to go the hosted route again. It was pretty intuitive and easy to use, and I think the mobile app was pretty good as well.

Anyway, I've manually imported some of the old posts, and may decide to add some more thought he ones that remain are mostly gaming related. We'll see how much ends up here.

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I got myself a Chromebook, an Acer R11, on Black Friday. It may have been an impulsive “Oooh, shiny! I don't have one of those!” kind of purchase. Don't judge. I still like my trusty old MacBook Pro, but it's six years old. It's hardly going to get any youn...err... faster. Besides, the MacBook weighs a ton, at least compared to the Chromebook.

I want to see if the Chromebook's limitations can work to my advantage, to help me focus better. There's a ton of potential distractions whenever I use the PC or MacBook, and hey, so far it seems to be working. I'm writing! Now let's see if I can keep at it.

After some research, I decided on the Acer R11, it's a white one. Don't know how to feel about owning a white laptop. I didn't exactly have a choice, this R11 model (yes, there's more than one R11 model) only seems to come in white. It's got a touchscreen, which is nifty. And 360-degree hinges, but don't quote me on the name, that let me flip the screen all the way around so it can double as a tablet. A pretty thick tablet. With a keyboard on the bottom. I know, it's weird for me also.

The Chromebook boots in like 3 seconds, which is AMAZING. That means I can shut it off each time I'm on the move, I figure shutting it off will save more battery power than putting it in sleep mode does. Right? Right. OH, and it's QUIET! Not that I've noticed much at home. But that's a story for another day.

Acer R11 is one of the first Chromebooks that can install Android apps at the moment, so that's a plus. The first app I installed was Instagram, and I don't have to type messages on the phone anymore. BWAHAHAHA! Ahem. I couldn't figure out how to get SwiftKey working, though.

I have noticed something that may be a bug. Whenever I'm in an Android app and alt-tab, the whole Chromebook restarts. Hey, there's another perk to the machine being super fast at starting up! Even alt-tabbing from the Google Play Store (it'll always be the “Android Market” to me!) causes a crash. I should see if there's a bug report about it, and if not, maybe file one.

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I logged in to check for the date when my Squarespace subscription period ends. I've got little over a month to decide what I want to do, so why not write a little.

I've hardly used the Squarespace platform this past year. Should I switch platform again, this time to something cheaper (or free)? Checking the pricing for Ghost surprised me, it costs almost twice as much as my Squarespace subscription! So I can either stick with what I have here or go back to something self-hosted. Hosted Wordpress doesn't interest me at all, as it looks way too limited.

Looking at self-hosted alternatives, I guess Wordpress would be the simplest. I've got years of experience with it after all. An alternative could be to try to host Ghost myself. I'm tempted to do that either way. Learning is fun, and I wouldn't mind taking a quick peek under the hood of Ghost. See what makes it tick.

I should do a little research on what other blogging platforms exist these days. But let's face it, I'm lazy. I probably won't. At least I'm honest about it.

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I've spent some time thinking about whether to keep the blog public and keep writing whatever comes to mind or if I should make it private, for my eyes only.

There's a certain kind of freedom that comes from just posting and not caring who my posts. On the other hand, there are assholes everywhere, and it's not exactly hard to find information about me, seeing as how I mostly go by Konc online. So do I potentially want to share my thoughts with such people?

I'm going to keep things public, for now. Let's call it a step in the process of learning not to care as much what others think of me. We shouldn't measure our value by how others see us, right? Oh, but the struggle is real.


So I was pretty happy with using a self-hosted Wordpress installation for my blog, but I just don't have the energy to keep up with updates and keeping the platform secured. So I'm lazy, sue me.

I figure I'd try something new, and I've heard great things about Squarespace so why the heck not. Let's shake things up a bit. I'm currently attempting to import the few posts I have from Wordpress, I'm sure I'll have some tweaking to do to get the embeds I used to work.

My hopes for moving to a paid hosted platform is to make me actually keep doing something with the site. And if I don't, well, paying for something I don't use is punishment enough isn't it?

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Sometimes I just can't facepalm enough while talking to certain people at work. This is literally how a conversation went during my lunch break today because apparently stupidity never rests.

CW: What is my Skype name? Me: I don't know. I'll see if I can look it up. Umm... it's XXX.YYY CW: Okay, is that XXX.ZZZ with all lowercase letters? Me: I said XXX.YYY CW: Oh, right. And what's my password? Me: How the fuck would I know?!

And this is just a few days after she asked me about the login information for her work email last Friday. That conversation didn't go much better.

It's been a while, I know. Then again I never committed to doing this on a regular basis, but rather to keep it as a sort of outlet for myself. To write for me instead of for others to read. And even if I'm super bad at venting about my own problems and stuff, even I have my limits to how much I can take on before I break. I've been carrying something around inside for a while now, and I think it's time to let it out. My dad's health hasn't been very good in some time. He has type 2 diabetes, and while that isn't too bad (relatively), it can be serious if you don't manage it properly.

Earlier this year both mom and dad got a really bad case of the flu, and at the same time dad was hospitalized due to severe pneumonia. This somehow seems to have messed with his insulin dosage, and before it was sorted out he ended up being in a car accident. From what I've understood he got really confused due to his blood sugar levels being way off because of the now “faulty” insulin dosage. Thankfully nobody got hurt in the accident, but the car got really banged up and because of the accident dad's license got pulled.

To continue, my dad isn't very good at managing his diabetes. He doesn't doesn't always eat regularly and a lot of the time he doesn't eat very well. I'm glad at least mom's there to make sure he does eat better than he has before, but whatever.

This summer I decided to only use two weeks of my vacation, and I spent it mostly at my folks' place in my old hometown Borås. When I was there mom let me know that dad had what Google Translate says is renal failure. I won't pretend to know what that means, other than it involves kidneys and isn't a positive thing. And on top of that I saw how frail my dad has become lately. Gets winded easily etc. I guess it might partly have to do with him getting older, he turns 66 in less than a month.

Anyway, a few weeks ago he was getting a checkup for the renal failure thing, taking tests or whatever, and they noticed something in his urinary bladder. Which turned out to be a tumor. Mom called me at the end of my work day that day, it was a Monday. What a way to start the week. But I digress. Mom further told me that they didn't know much more at the time but that he would be prioritized for surgery. They didn't know if it was a benign or malignant tumor. If it's spread or not.

And this week mom called me again to let me know that my dad's finally gotten scheduled for surgery on the 22nd this month. And on the 15th he's going in for a pre-operation checkup or something. I guess that's where we find out if it's just this one tumor or if it's spread or what's up. After talking to my mom for a bit she also told me that dad had said that if it turns out to be something serious, that it's spread, he doesn't want to go through treatment for it (meaning chemotherapy etc), but that he'd rather live as he is. I guess he remembers how bad it was at times for my grandmother.

Oh, and that's another thing. My grandmother died from cancer. As I've understood it, and I could be wrong here so don't quote me on this, she had a few different types of cancer. Or maybe it was just one type that spread or something. And some years ago my mom got breast cancer (thankfully it was found early, and she's all good now). But it really doesn't feel very hopeful for my future, if you know what I mean. Go team Konc.

And ever since I saw what shape my dad is in this summer I've been thinking on and off about the mortality of those close to you. Family members. Especially parents. I mean, of course I know that it's natural for children to outlive their parents but at the same time... you usually don't have to think about them passing on. And as both you and they grow older, I guess there comes a point when you'd best start preparing yourself.

Even if my dad's tumor is benign and the surgery goes really well and his renal failure gets sorted (if it even can “get sorted”), it's literally only a matter of time, nobody lives forever. And that sort of thinking can be really depressing. And coupled with the fact that my family doesn't have the best track record when it comes to tumors and cancer, what does it mean for me and my brother?

So yeah, my mind's been in a dark place this last month or so and I've been really emotional. And I'm still struggling with depression from before all this. Or maybe it's due to it. Sometimes it's hard to tell what's what.

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This text is something I wrote one late night when I couldn't sleep, a while back when I was in Ottawa. I've edited it ever so slightly since then, so the grammar doesn't suck, but as a whole, this is what was going on in my head at the time.

Back in 1996 when I was 18 years old, I was in a relationship with a girl from another city. Let's call her Vixen. 1996 was a before most people had mobile phones and access to the Internet in Sweden. The only way for us to keep in touch was either by phone or by letters. We often used both.

I can't remember much of how the relationship started. I guess it doesn't matter anymore.

Once when she called me, I had my best friend over. Let's call him Brutus. He was a Finnish guy I'd gone to school with, and we'd grown up together. At that time, we were pretty inseparable, always doing things together. We shared a lot of interests spanning from girls to music, biking, computers, and god knows whatever else.

Regardless, Brutus was over at my place once when she called, and for some reason they ended up talking for a bit on the phone. I can't remember what about, and again, it doesn't matter. I do remember her mentioning afterward that she thought he had a hot voice. I didn't give it much thought, but in hindsight I guess that's why I dislike my voice these days. I was happy my best friend and girlfriend were getting along.

Shortly after that phone call Vixen came to visit me for the first time. Up until then I'd only visited her, I can't remember if it was once or twice. She arrived, and Brutus came to hang out with us shortly after that.

As soon as they were in the same room, something changed. They hit it off at once, right there in my room, and right in front of me. I just shut down. I can't tell you what happened after that. I guess it was my coping mechanism to distance myself from it all, to retreat to the relative safety of my mind.

There are only a few bits and pieces I recall from that time. I know that they had sex. Vixen stayed with me for several days, or rather her things did. She spent all her days with Brutus and only came back to my place to sleep. As soon as she woke up she'd go out again. After a few days of this I think my mom got fed up and had a talk with Vixen. After that, Vixen finally packed her stuff and went to stay with Brutus and his parents instead. I'm not proud of being too weak to have that talk with Vixen myself.

I think this is what changed me from being a kind of outgoing guy to someone who spends most of the time quiet, pondering on most things.

As a result of this I have serious trust issues. Unfortunately, this also applies to my few closest friends. Sometimes especially my closest friends. For example, a little while ago I had an online flirt with a girl I played games with a lot. It was only something casual and fun, and we both knew nothing would ever come of it. One time she said something flirtatious to Bumbi, who replied in kind. That was enough to launch a red alert panic mode in me, and an immediate retreat inwards.

On top of it all I am insecure. I run all possible scenarios in my head about just about everything. There are always more negative than positive scenarios running in my head. I guess we're all stuck with the one wolf we choose to feed.

“She snapped at me. Is she mad at me? Did I do something wrong?”

“She's barely touched me in a couple of days. Is she tired of me? Is she disgusted with me? What did I do wrong? Does she want me to leave?”

“She's gone to bed clothed again. Is she cold? Doesn't she want to undress while I'm here? Should I go to bed clothed? Is she disgusted with me?”

“I miss holding her, touching her. Should I? What if she doesn't want me to. What if she hates it. What if she can't wait until I go home.”

I've been debating for a while whether I want to share this with anyone else, seeing how my Ottawa trip turned out after I wrote the text. Finally decided to just do it, and let this be part of The Purge of things that haunt me from my past.

It's no secret that I've been feeling less than stellar lately, so last Wednesday I spontaneously decided I wanted to share one of my favorite albums with other people. Sharing is caring, right? So I tweeted out that I was going to gift ten copies of Austin Wintory's Journey soundtrack on Bandcamp. So far, only two have asked. It makes me a little sad because it's a fantastic album. And free! In hindsight, I've spotted at least one mistake I made. This is what the initial tweet said.

I realize now that I could've been clearer on how people can claim a copy, i.e. mentioning that they should ask me for one on Twitter. Also, by only providing a link to the album on Bandcamp I'm thinking people might've looked there for ways to claim a copy. Sadly, the 140 character limit of a tweet doesn't let you convey much information for giveaways (or anything at all, really). On a positive note, I think I managed to make Austin Wintory's day a little bit better.

So, how can I do better next time, should I want to do another giveaway on Twitter? Well, I guess I could split the message into multiple tweets. Not a perfect solution by any means, but other options do I have?

I've tried to tweet out a couple of reminders, but I don't want to appear spammy, and I've gotten a bunch of retweets to boost the tweet's visibility. And still I'm getting little to no response! What the hell am I doing wrong?

Also, if you want a copy of this album I have eight seven no copies left to give away. I'll update the number as it decreases. I ended up gifting fifteen copies in total. :)

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