Mr Konc, I presume?


This year, unlike last year when there was really nice weather in Boston for PAX East, there was snow and freezing weather. It actually wasn't as bad as I feared it would be, I didn't have to dress any warmer than I have all winter here in Stockholm. The PAX expo itself felt smaller somehow this year, I guess because some big companies like Ubisoft weren't there. I guess also because GDC was just before PAX, and presumably going straight from one (event, and coast) to the other (event, and coast) made things difficult. Hopefully next year it will be better, seeing how PAX East will happen on April 22-24.

The people were wonderful as always, I can't help but feel that they are “my people”. Mah peeps. Always good company and fun times spent with them.

The food, don't even get me started. So good. The last day a bunch of us went out towards the Harvard campus and Andrew took us to an excellent sushi place. Hands down the best sushi I've had to date! There were five of us sharing $200 worth of sushi, so you know nobody had to walk away hungry.

And I met someone. Actually, technically we did meet last year, a friend of a friend kind of thing. We've kept in touch over the last year, and when we met in Boston this year we just clicked. But that's a whole different story to be told some other time.

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