Mr Konc, I presume?


This year, unlike last year when there was really nice weather in Boston for PAX East, there was snow and freezing weather. It actually wasn't as bad as I feared it would be, I didn't have to dress any warmer than I have all winter here in Stockholm. The PAX expo itself felt smaller somehow this year, I guess because some big companies like Ubisoft weren't there. I guess also because GDC was just before PAX, and presumably going straight from one (event, and coast) to the other (event, and coast) made things difficult. Hopefully next year it will be better, seeing how PAX East will happen on April 22-24.

The people were wonderful as always, I can't help but feel that they are “my people”. Mah peeps. Always good company and fun times spent with them.

The food, don't even get me started. So good. The last day a bunch of us went out towards the Harvard campus and Andrew took us to an excellent sushi place. Hands down the best sushi I've had to date! There were five of us sharing $200 worth of sushi, so you know nobody had to walk away hungry.

And I met someone. Actually, technically we did meet last year, a friend of a friend kind of thing. We've kept in touch over the last year, and when we met in Boston this year we just clicked. But that's a whole different story to be told some other time.

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I fully intended on writing updates from PAX East every day, but I've been unable to. The experience of visiting the US for the first time, and visiting PAX for the first time (or at all) is simply overwhelming. I'm just taking it all in but it's going to take quite some time to process it all before I can put words to what I'm feeling.

Let me just say that so far, the trip has been nothing but wonderful. The people are wonderful, the country is awesome and the food... don't even get me started on the food. Nom!

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My trip to the US was long but quite uneventful, about 14 hours after I left my apartment I landed in Boston and was met by Andrew (GeekStanton) and Greg (LOLmodule) at the airport. Shortly after me two of Andrew's friends came on a flight from Canada so we met up with them, and headed to the hotel to check in.

Shortly after check-in, both Greg and I passed out for a few hours, at this point I had been up for well over 40 hours with only about 1.5 hours of dozing off on the trip. It was well needed rest for both of us. Woke up by Andrew knocking on the door, I believe. I was kinda out of it so don't quote me on that, but we were a bit late to the airport to meet up with Shannon and Sacriel. Or wouldn've been, if we didn't have to wait an hour for them to get from past customs and whatnot.

While waiting at the airport we briefly got to talk to Dean “Rocket” Hall. Dean, the DayZ creator. If I hadn't already have a great impression of him, I sure wouldn've had one after the quick chat. He seems to be a genuinely nice, open and happy person and I feel privileged to have gotten to shake his hand.

Yes yes, I know I sound like a total fanboy and it's hard to not be one having played hundreds upon hundred of hours of the DayZ mod. The DayZ phenomenon has literally touched so many people's lives, bringing us together into gaming communities. Communities like The 42nd, or The Pink. It's hard not to be humbled by the impact the survival game/mod has had on us.

Wow, this post totally went from networking to my fanboyism about DayZ. Back on topic!

After having finally met up with Shannon, Sacriel and Kirgan we went to a restaurant, Lucky's Lounge, where we met up with a bunch of other people. I met ET_Talon, the first streamer to make me a moderator on Twitch. I got the shake the hand of Ellohime, and although I haven't watched his streams much I hold much respect for him. I met Devoldo whom I've talked to and played Minecraft with before.

But most of all, and I can't get over how surreal this still feels to me, I got to talk to BikeMan. Not only that, he knew who I am. BikeMan, who is like, streamer royalty to me, and one of the funniest people I've seen on Twitch... I can't get over it. I can only describe it by quoting the Na'vi from the movie Avatar: “I see you.”

PAX East hasn't yet started, and I'm already having the time of my life. Literally. I never imagined that I, as an introvert, would feel so comfortable meeting so many new people (both new new, and new as in first time meetings) as I have been today.

I feel privileged to be part of this great community of entertainers and overall wonderful people. I feel humbled by having been noticed by great streamers I respect and love. It's surreal. It truly is. And this is only the beginning.

Now some of you might have noticed that I've only briefly mentioned having met Sacriel and Shannon. That's intentional. I'm saving that for a whole new post soon.

Do you have any suggestions on things I need to see or experience in Boston or at PAX East, or some typically classical American food I need to try while I'm in the US? Tell me below in the comments!

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So I wrote in my last update that fun things are gonna happen shortly. Well, one of those are that I'm going to PAX East! PAX mother-effin East. In Boston.

I need a change of scenery and I'm glad to have the opportunity to meet some awesome people along the way. I'm really looking forward to meeting a bunch of people from The 42nd for the first time, Sacriel and Shannon, GeekStanton and others. Also hoping I get to shake hands with ETTalon and HunterNH.

This is going to be a great adventure, and my first (and hopefully not my last) trip across “the pond”, but how on earth do I pass the time on the long flights there and back?

Got any tips on stuff I absolutely can't miss on PAX East, or in Boston in general? Hit me up in the comments below.