Mr Konc, I presume?


I recently realized that it's been almost two years since I gave away an album I love, Austin Wintory's Journey soundtrack, to random people on Twitter. I thought it'd be fun to do that again under the hashtag #GiftedMusic on Twitter! At the same time I figure it'll keep me at least somewhat active here on the ol' blog.

With #GiftedMusic I'll try to do monthly giveaways of albums I love listening to. And I've already picked out the first three albums I want to gift in the upcoming months. Like last time, the only thing you'll have to do for this #GiftedMusic is to ask for one of the copies. When I confirm that you're getting a copy you'll need to message me your email address so I can gift you through Bandcamp.

Mister Mudd, here seen performing live

This month I'm giving away ten copies of the album “At the End of a Century” by Mister Mudd. He's one of the amazing artists I had the chance to meet up with during my recent trip to Los Angeles. Mister Mudd is a Los Angeles based folk singer who performs warm earthy tones with rough raw vocal accompaniments.

I plan to do the #GiftedMusic giveaway on Wednesday, April 26th, but you can preview the album in the player below. If you like what you hear, I hope you'll consider supporting this artist as he's working on his next album. Every little bit helps.

If you wish to follow Mister Mudd, you can find him on the following platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Bandcamp, YouTube and SoundCloud.

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It's no secret that I've been feeling less than stellar lately, so last Wednesday I spontaneously decided I wanted to share one of my favorite albums with other people. Sharing is caring, right? So I tweeted out that I was going to gift ten copies of Austin Wintory's Journey soundtrack on Bandcamp. So far, only two have asked. It makes me a little sad because it's a fantastic album. And free! In hindsight, I've spotted at least one mistake I made. This is what the initial tweet said.

I realize now that I could've been clearer on how people can claim a copy, i.e. mentioning that they should ask me for one on Twitter. Also, by only providing a link to the album on Bandcamp I'm thinking people might've looked there for ways to claim a copy. Sadly, the 140 character limit of a tweet doesn't let you convey much information for giveaways (or anything at all, really). On a positive note, I think I managed to make Austin Wintory's day a little bit better.

So, how can I do better next time, should I want to do another giveaway on Twitter? Well, I guess I could split the message into multiple tweets. Not a perfect solution by any means, but other options do I have?

I've tried to tweet out a couple of reminders, but I don't want to appear spammy, and I've gotten a bunch of retweets to boost the tweet's visibility. And still I'm getting little to no response! What the hell am I doing wrong?

Also, if you want a copy of this album I have eight seven no copies left to give away. I'll update the number as it decreases. I ended up gifting fifteen copies in total. :)

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