Thrombus sounds so much cooler than a blood clot

Last summer, during my vacation, my right calf started aching and my right foot swelled up. It wasn’t the first time my right foot had swelled up, but the ache was new. After about a week I finally decided to go to the ER and it turned out to be a thrombus (blood clot). I'm thankful it wasn't the deep vein kind (DVT). The doctor put me on blood thinners (Eliquis) for a couple of months and the clot went away on its own. Don’t ask me how or why because it all seems like magic to me. Science works, bitches!

Nowadays both my legs and feet swell up to varying degrees if I spend too much time sitting. This tends to happen most weekends when I’m usually gaming for hours on end. I guess it’s because of poor circulation in my legs. At least while I’m at work I get up every so often to stretch my legs and fill up my water bottle. When I'm at home, gaming, I often forget to hydrate.

Walking helps, so that’s what I decided to do yesterday. Getting ready for the walk was a bit of a chore because it took me almost five minutes to put on compression socks. Yes, I too was a bit skeptical about those at first but they do help keep the swelling down and I’m glad I bought them. And then I still had to squeeze my feet into my shoes. That was interesting as my left foot could hardly fit.

When I woke up this morning my feet were almost back to normal, but the ankles and calves are still a bit distended. The walk home from work should take care of that problem. I hope.