To Google Analytics... or not

Having more detailed data to track visitors and referrals can be quite useful to site owners. When I switched to this platform I wanted it to support Google Analytics, but I've since changed my mind. The irony is that Matt has now added support for custom javascript, so it would be possible.

Recent news of data harvesting on a grand scale has reignited privacy discussions. That's a good thing. Considering how often personal information is tracked, leaked and abused, I want no part of it. But how do you opt out when almost everything online tracks you? At least I don't have to add to it. For now, I choose not to use Google Analytics on my site. I may look into using something less intrusive, like Matomo, in the future.

From a personal view, I know that there's some sense of freedom in not caring so much how or where people find my site. They might find their way here, or they might not, I should write for the sake of writing. Of expressing myself. At the same time, the thought of not being able to at least track referrals freaks me out a bit. I guess it's a control thing.