Using Sublime Text 3 on my Chromebook

Since I installed Sublime Text on my Chromebook yesterday, I might as well give it a trial run.

Package Control

On Windows, I’m used to package control being installed and ready for action by default. On the Chromebook, I had to install package control through the console, similar to how it used to be on both Windows and Mac OS. It’s not a big deal. Been there, done that.

Installing a package: MarkdownLivePreview

After getting package control installed, I installed the MarkdownLivePreview package. I want to write more on the platform, and it’s powered by Markdown. The package lets me see a live preview (oh, as if you couldn’t figure it out from the package name) of what I’m writing.

Running the package

MarkdownLivePreview works against a saved file, and you enable it with the alt+M shortcut. The shortcut worked just fine on my Chromebook.

The package uses Sublime Text’s multiple panes feature; it splits the main window into multiple sections that can contain different tabs. It’s good for when you’re comparing text or working in multiple files at the same time. Or, in this case, where it shows the editor and preview side by side. Even on this small screen that’s what, 11-12 inches, it doesn’t feel too cramped.

There is some flickering on the preview side as I type, it looks like the preview shows twice before only showing the one preview. My guess is that it’s got something to do with rendering the preview. I don’t know if it’ll also happen on other platforms, I’ll try running the package on my home PC. That should tell me if the flickering is a platform issue or just how the package works. Either way, it’s not a big deal as my focus is on the editor side of the window as I type.

Verdict: Not bad at all

After using Sublime Text to write this entry, it doesn’t feel bad. A few times there’s been a short delay in relation to the package control, but that could have to do with running the program for the first time. Sublime Text feels as responsive as I remember it being on Windows and feel I’ll use it a lot more on the Chromebook in the future.

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